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What Are Employee Expectations?

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Sadie Banks, assistant general counsel and human resources consultant at Engage PEO, said that, in addition to standard performance appraisals, there are many workplace factors in setting expectations.

“Industry expectations; internal and external company image; client, customer and vendor relationships; employee knowledge of products or services; company policies and performance; and even social media all play a part in setting expectations for employees,” said Banks.

Wee said every employee should expect to maintain the following behaviors in the workplace:

Display a positive and respectful attitude.
Work with honesty and integrity.
Represent the organization in a responsible manner.
Perform their jobs to a reasonable, acceptable standard.
Maintain good attendance.
Conduct themselves in a professional manner, even when off duty.
Follow set policies and procedures when dealing with problems or issues.

Just as there are expectations for employee behavior, workers should expect certain behaviors and opportunities from their employers. Wee said that the following expectations are not only essential for employees to have for their management, but also required by law:

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Proper training, support and leadership
Timely and accurate payment of wages
Safe and healthy working environments
Full disclosure and explanation of the job responsibilities, company policies and procedures
Regular feedback on performance from supervisors or managers

Additionally, Banks said it is reasonable for employees to expect the following:

Access to the resources they need to perform their work tasks efficiently and properly
Fair and consistent communication and application of policies (e.g., performance, discipline, conduct) across the team
Credit and acknowledgment for work achievements

Each company may set additional expectations of their employees and provide more for them in return, but it is a give-and-take.

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